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Primary School

Sports Funding

Primary PE and School Sport Premium funding 2017-18



Teaching and Learning



  • Emphasis on NQTs to provide continual professional development whereby teachers plan, observe and work alongside the PE Consultant.

· NQT+3 emphasis will be focus on progression due to a change in year group.

· Provision of resources to assist teachers in delivery of lessons.



· Develop teachers’ confidence, expertise, lesson structure and planning for progression.


School Sport



· Further development of First Federation South Hub Inter-School sporting tournaments and festivals, to include girls’ football, netball, tag rugby, multi-skills and cricket.

· South Hub events to include Blackpool and Gatehouse where possible eg. cricket event to be held at Blackpool School.

· Continued participation in Kingsbridge Learning Community sporting events.

· Entry of ‘B’ teams in Hub sporting events.

· To involve more children leading, managing and officiating at school sport activities.

· Increase number of after-school clubs offered by the school, to include outside agencies if possible.



· Regular participation in Inter-School sporting events to promote competition.

· Regular participation to provide opportunities for children to be physically active whilst representing the school.

· Entering ‘B’ teams will provide opportunities for more children to represent the school.

· Sustained collection to evidence to apply for the Sainsbury School Games award.


Health and Well-being



· Continued provision of 2 hours of curriculum PE per week.

· Continued provision of an extra 1 hour of extracurricular sporting activity per week to make a total of 3 hours physical activity.

· To develop regular Daily Physical Activity by involving young leaders to take responsibility to plan and deliver eg. at lunch times games activities.



To ensure all children have access to sustained and regular physical activity during the week.