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Year 5/6 - Lobsters

Welcome to Lobster Class 2020 - 2021!


We are Years 5 and 6.


Our teacher is Miss Douglas and our TA is Mrs Parnell.



Geography - Cross Section of a Volcano.


In Geography, the children created a cross section of a volcano. We started the unit of work by exploring the features of a volcano. We then looked at a range of cross sections available and evaluated the pros and cons of each. The children created their own success criteria of features they wanted to include. This was their starting point for sketching and labelling their cross sections. Have a look at some examples below. 

Science - Day and Night Experiment.


In science, the children have been exploring a unit of work on Earth and Space. To investigate day and night the children created an experiment. In pairs, the children went out to the playground every hour and drew around their shadows. See the pictures below for examples of their experiment. 

Van Gogh Style Artwork.


In Class the children studied the word of Vincent Van Gogh. We explored fine brush strokes in artwork and discussed how this was seen and used in 'Starry Night'. The children then created their own versions using acrylic paint on a canvas, see some examples below.