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Year 5/6 - Lobsters

Welcome to Lobster Class 2019 - 2020!


We are Years 5 and 6.


Our teacher is Miss Bastin and our TA is Mr Nott.



Long Term Curriculum Plan - Lobster Class 2019-20



The children started this year working on their oracy skills. In groups, the children moved around different activities all to challenge their teamwork skills and the way they are communicating with others.

Da Vinci Style Artwork.


In Class the children studied the word of Leonardo Da Vinci. We explored background, middle ground and foreground in artwork and discussed how this was seen and used in the Mona Lisa. The children then created their own versions, see some examples below. 

Fire Engine Visit.


Lobster Class has a visit from the fire engine and two local firefighters. The children were able to ask lots of questions, use the hose and sit in the drivers seat. However, the children's favourite part of the visit was listening to the siren at the end of the visit.