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Celebration Assembly Award Winners

Celebration Assembly 7th September 2018


Citizenship Award

Starfish Class


Above & Beyond recognition - Daniel Hainey




Celebration Assembly 14th September 2018


The Citizenship Award

Prawns Class



Mathematician of the week - Joshua Puncher

Friend of the week - Poppy Davies-Kemp

Star of the week - Dougie Bricknell



Mathematician of the week - Fraser Laban

Friend of the week - Ella Turns

Star of the week - Ossian Cooper



Mathematician of the week - Tom Roberts

Friend of the week - Nina Walker

Star of the week - Chloe Campbell


Lunchtime Award

Milly Horton 

for being so kind to the new EYFS children


HOTL Award

Lillie Hawtin

for her 'Above & Beyond' attitude


Above & Beyond awards have been given to the following pupils this week

Pearl Getley

Joey Davies-Kemp

Grace Hurrell

Jared Luscombe

Oliver Carr

Henry Parsons